Diversity Cupcakes

On Wednesday, two RAs in Brockert Hall put on a diversity event. It involved cupcakes and various different toppings. The cupcakes, and every individual topping represented a different aspect of peoples lives. Each person that attended got to make their cupcake according to themself. At the end the RAs putting the event on had us reflect on each of the toppings. All who attended, including one resident from 1 North, learned a little and got to enjoy a cupcake.

#Identity Development


Hidden Bias

A new bulletin board was put up in 1 North. It is a hidden bias bulletin board, which defines, stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination. It covers many of the common hidden bias’ that people have, and make anyone who reads the board aware of them if they weren’t previously.


Greenwood Avenue Market

Several residents and I went to get food at GWAM this week, and while we were waiting I checked out one of the wiis, and we played while waiting for the food. Not one of the residents that played knew that you could check the wii, and other activities out for free. I explained how to check them out for the future.


Stop the Hate

On Wednesday, 10/25 a group of residents and I went to the “Introductory Stop the Hate” session. We learned the difference between hate bias, and hate crime. We also learned how many hate groups there are in the U.S., and really put it into perspective for all who attended.


Fall Door Decorations

A new set of door decorations has been put up this weekend for the residents of 1 North. They are marshmallows being roasted over fires. Each resident has their name written on the marshmallow. These are a fall themed door decoration in honor of the fall break.