Halloween Door Decs

A new set of door decs were put up on 1 North this week. They are Halloween themed because it was Halloween this past Tuesday. They make the wing a little more festive.


Stop the Hate

On Wednesday, 10/25 a group of residents and I went to the “Introductory Stop the Hate” session. We learned the difference between hate bias, and hate crime. We also learned how many hate groups there are in the U.S., and really put it into perspective for all who attended.


Fall Door Decorations

A new set of door decorations has been put up this weekend for the residents of 1 North. They are marshmallows being roasted over fires. Each resident has their name written on the marshmallow. These are a fall themed door decoration in honor of the fall break.


Greenwood Avenue Market

There have been numerous times I’ve gone to the market with residents from 1 North. The grill is pretty straight forward, you order what you want, and use a meal to pay for it. What many of the people I’ve gone with didn’t know is that you can use a meal to buy food from the market part too, not just dining dollars or pass money. This allows students to have another option for food.


Test Taking Tips

Today I put up a new bulletin board to help the residents of 1 North prepare for tests. As the semester continues on, tests will be fast approaching. This board has 9 tips to help prepare residents for the test, as well as some advice for during the test. Tests can be extremely stressful but if you prepare enough ahead of time, they won’t seem as daunting. These tips may seem simple, but can make a big difference.

“Welcome Home” Door Decorations

On every door in the 1 North wing, you will see two decorations with a resident’s name on them. These are called door decorations, and more will be added periodically throughout the year. For the first set of door decs, I made “Welcome Home” signs. These are to help not only myself but other residents on the wing to get to know your name, and it adds a little color to the wing. It also makes everyone more comfortable, and makes the wing feel more like a home.