The Bat-Man!

Last Wednesday I was accompanied by a few residents to see Dr. Jeff Huebschman and his presentation about bats. Dr. Huebschman told us about the 7 different species of bats that are found in and around UW-Platteville and the different characteristics of each bat, such as the “Large Brown Bat” and the “Small Brown Bat” – a joke Dr. Huebschman made at the level of creativity the biologists who created the common names of those two bats in particular. We also learned about the bats mating cycles, what kinds of areas they like to inhabit, and the white nose disease which has killed at least 5 million bats in America! If anyone else would like to learn more I can help you set up a time to speak with Dr. Huebschman in his office, I’m sure he’d love to speak to anyone about bats!


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