Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

On Friday, Brockert Hall hosted glow in the dark capture the flag. It was capture the flag in the dark with glowsticks, and glow in the dark paint. There was a really good turn out at the event, and everyone had a good time.



Green Bay Packer Door Decs

Along with the bulletin boards, new door decs were put up in 1 North this week. These door devs are the Green Bay Packers logo to mark the start of the NFL draft.


Hate Speech

A new bulletin board was put up on 1 North this weekend. It talks about various slangs and words that are harmful. Underneath the phrase is an explanation of the phrase, and why it is hurtful.


Earth Day

On Friday, there was an event put on for earth day. There were booths and people stationed in the area, just to talk about Earth day and our impacts on the Earth. I took a resident to it and we walked around a little.


Tools of the Trade

A new bulletin board was put up this week and it talks about tips to being successful and ways to stay on track with your schooling. Now that it’s starting to get a little nicer out, it’s important to keep the end goal in sight and focus on your studies.


Egg Fest

Today was the annual Egg Fest at Brockert Hall. There was food for those who attended including cotton candy, popcorn, and freezies. There were also several games and activities for attendees to participate in. The event was wrapped up with an egg hunt behind Brockert. It was a good event to get everyone in the Easter/Spring Break mood.