Pizza with Professors

Went on over to Pickard hall to go to pizza with a professor. The professor there was Mary Belkins and she was very knowledgeable. She had worked at Harley and had a lot of stories and insight. We talked about some of our own occupations and fields and we talked about the future of some companies are, such as what is going to all happen with drones.

Pumping Iron Ya’

Had a resident who was wanting to get back into weight lifting to build some strength and get back in a little more shape. I went to the gym with them to do some upper body and they did great! I’m glad they had a good experience, we should definitely go again sometime!

Tornado Watch!!

Although we were under a Tornado watch it doesn’t mean we can’t still be a community. When I came back to Brockert 1 North after the hall council bowling outing I saw nearly all of my residents in the hallway because of the tornado watch warnings. I assured them that we were fine on the first floor, and we continued to talk and watch the storm together. Even in foul weather we can still have a good time as a wing!