Greenwood Avenue Market

There have been numerous times I’ve gone to the market with residents from 1 North. The grill is pretty straight forward, you order what you want, and use a meal to pay for it. What many of the people I’ve gone with didn’t know is that you can use a meal to buy food from the market part too, not just dining dollars or pass money. This allows students to have another option for food.



Test Taking Tips

Today I put up a new bulletin board to help the residents of 1 North prepare for tests. As the semester continues on, tests will be fast approaching. This board has 9 tips to help prepare residents for the test, as well as some advice for during the test. Tests can be extremely stressful but if you prepare enough ahead of time, they won’t seem as daunting. These tips may seem simple, but can make a big difference.

“Welcome Home” Door Decorations

On every door in the 1 North wing, you will see two decorations with a resident’s name on them. These are called door decorations, and more will be added periodically throughout the year. For the first set of door decs, I made “Welcome Home” signs. These are to help not only myself but other residents on the wing to get to know your name, and it adds a little color to the wing. It also makes everyone more comfortable, and makes the wing feel more like a home.

Grill and Chill

Every year during Welcome Weekend the circle halls, which includes Pickard, Hugunin, and Brockert Hall, puts on an event to allow residents to mingle and have some fun. This year hot dogs, chips, popsicles, and a keg of root beer were made available to the residents. For entertainment, there were all sorts of sport activities including, football, volleyball, soccer, and even a slip and slide. Many residents from 1 North took part in the Grill and Chill event, and were able to meet people outside of Brockert Hall.

1 North Voting

The second board put up in the 1 North Wing, is the “1 North Voting” board. This board will be changed every other week with a different set of pictures or scenarios, allowing the residents to put their clothes pin on the sheet that they prefer. The first rotation of the board is on sports.

Nap Like A God

My first bulletin board I put up on the wing was titled, “Nap Like A God”. This fit into the Brockert Hall theme of Greek gods and goddesses, and was something I enjoyed doing. It gives fun facts about the benefits of napping, and breaks down the different length naps and the benefits of each. For example, The micro nap: 2-5 mins. It is shown to be surprisingly effective at shedding sleepiness. This encourages residents to get a decent amount of  sleep, and the benefits of doing so.

Movie and Pizza

To wrap up Welcome Weekend, a group of residents from 1 North attended the movie and pizza night which is put on every year.  This year the movie was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. All the local pizza places in Platteville come and give out pizza to anyone that attends the movie. Unfortunately the movie was cut short due to the screen being blown over, but everyone who wanted to try the different pizza places got the opportunity to do so.