Punny Bulletin Board

A second bulletin board was put up this week in the 1 North Wing. It is filled with funny pictures to hopefully bring a smile to anyone. They are cheesy pictures that are “punny.” With this past week being filled with test, its important to take a break every once in a while to keep yourself sane.



Ramen Recipes

Two new bulletin boards were put up this week in the 1 North wing. The first is a bulletin board on a variety of different ramen recipes. Ramen is notorious for being a staple of many college student’s diet, but this board gives some ideas to help shake things up. Even though ramen isn’t the healthiest food, it is still important to make sure that you are getting enough food to keep yourself healthy.


Boxes and Walls

Tonight I went to the Boxes and Walls diversity event with a resident. This event had rooms lined with articles, pictures, and facts about a diverse array of topics. It was a lot of information to take in, but was good to see.


Winter Door Decs

With the new semester, comes a new set of door decs. I specifically chose snowflakes to represent how each resident is unique just like a snowflake. I also chose different color backgrounds to make them even more diverse. Each person has a different background, and we have to learn to appreciate them for who they are.


Birthday Board

An updated birthday board has been put up. This has all of the resident’s birthdays listed. This allows residents to know when someone’s birthday is coming up so they can wish them a happy birthday. #APlaceToBelong

Procrastination Bulletin Board

To start off the new semester, new bulletin boards have been put up. The first is a procrastination bulletin board that talks about characteristics of procrastination, the inner workings, and tools to help. This board is meant to remind residents to stay on top of school work as it is assigned.