Don’t pass unless you do the Push-ups!

I engaged with a few residents in our little push-up challenge where in order to stay healthy we do 20 push-ups every night, so we didn’t let each other pass a certain point in the hallway unless we did our 20 push-ups. Its a good way to stay motivated and keep each other honest. I did my 20, and so did they!

How to avoid getting sick bulletin board

New bulletin board up about ways to avoid getting sick. I know that the temperature is getting warmer and most of you are not worried about getting sick. However it is always a possibility and with it being warm most take less care of making sure they are properly dressed, especially when it isn’t as warm as we pretend it is.

Throwing the Pigsack

Since the weekend was so nice and I was able to get most of my homework done, a resident and I were able to throw the football around a bit in the circle and enjoy the amazingly beautiful day. (it was 76 degrees holy crap!!) Nice to get the arm a workout and get some outdoor time as well!

Pumping Iron Ya’

Had a resident who was wanting to get back into weight lifting to build some strength and get back in a little more shape. I went to the gym with them to do some upper body and they did great! I’m glad they had a good experience, we should definitely go again sometime!

Time to Swim again!

Like most people, at 0650 hours I am awake and getting ready to swim. Of course I didn’t want to wake up then. But my resident and I knew that that was the best time to go for an early morning swim. It was tiring but a nice refreshing wake up.

Let the Jogging begin!

When the spring weather starts to roll in it is always nice to start jogging again. And don’t forget about all those unfulfilled new years resolutions! Running is a great way to stay in shape and feel more confident and sure of yourself. I encourage everyone to participate as a runner myself. I got to go for a few jogs in the PAC with a resident and if anyone else is willing to join just let me know!