Test Taking Tips

Today I put up a new bulletin board to help the residents of 1 North prepare for tests. As the semester continues on, tests will be fast approaching. This board has 9 tips to help prepare residents for the test, as well as some advice for during the test. Tests can be extremely stressful but if you prepare enough ahead of time, they won’t seem as daunting. These tips may seem simple, but can make a big difference.


Museum Bulletin Board

New bulletin board up on the top 10 FREE museums in the country. A lot of cool ones up there that you can find all around the country. You may even know some of them. There are also some reasons why going to museums is good for you!

Class interview

Again I am called upon in the fervor of the dreary day, to bring forth the wondrous light of knowledge upon the people of 1 North. A resident needed help with a class interview they had to do of an upper-class-man student. So I was able to help this resident by letting them interview me. It went well and the resident got to finish his report/paper because I helped. It always feels good to help with homework, let me tell you!

Math Homework is the worst…

As always, since I am the old man of the wing who has gone through many o’ math classes, when there is trouble I get called to the scene. No, I am not a super hero, just super good at math (most of the time). I had a few residents who needed some aid on their math homework and I assisted them with their questions multiple times that night. It’s always good to see everyone working on homework all night!