Class interview

Again I am called upon in the fervor of the dreary day, to bring forth the wondrous light of knowledge upon the people of 1 North. A resident needed help with a class interview they had to do of an upper-class-man student. So I was able to help this resident by letting them interview me. It went well and the resident got to finish his report/paper because I helped. It always feels good to help with homework, let me tell you!

Math Homework is the worst…

As always, since I am the old man of the wing who has gone through many o’ math classes, when there is trouble I get called to the scene. No, I am not a super hero, just super good at math (most of the time). I had a few residents who needed some aid on their math homework and I assisted them with their questions multiple times that night. It’s always good to see everyone working on homework all night!